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  • In which year did women in Quebec obtained the right to vote?
  • What was the first province to grant women the right to vote?
  • In what year did women aged 21 and up were authorized to vote in federal elections?
  • Which law permits wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of men at the front to vote?
  • Who am I? I’m a Canadian political woman that fights for the progress of women in Canada. In 1928, I became the president of the League for the rights of women. My maiden name is Forget.
  • In 1919, women can become candidates to federal elections.
  • Emily Stowe was the first woman…
  • Question 8

    Complete this quotation from Thérèse Casgrain:

  • Select, in chronological order, the following events:

    A) Confederation takes place. Landowning men aged 21 and older are granted the right to vote

    B) Inuits obtains the right to vote.

    C) Minimum age to vote is lowered from 21 to 18.

    D) The Montreal Suffrage Association sees the day.

    E) Race and religion restrictions are eliminated from the Electoral Act in Canada.

  • BONUS! In the comic where Germaine appears, at what time does the polling station opens?